Vintage Bike Shipping

20 April 2017

At Crates for Africa, we have a passion for special and high value crating projects, especially when it includes vintage vehicles or bikes.

We were contact by a client that required a vintage motorcycle crated and shipped overseas. We received the bike in perfect condition and were determined to ensure that it arrived at it's destination in the same condition. During shipping and transport, many things can happen that might disturb the original condition of the items shipped. With this bike or any item, it would have been unthinkable to not take the utmost care to prevent damage. A custom pallet was constructed and braces installed to prevent the wheels from rolling. The bike was then lashed to the base and the crate sides where installed. Finally the entire crate was wrapped and encapsulated with plastic to prevent moisture and water from getting into the crate and damaging this irreplaceable motor cycle. We are glad to report that the bike arrived at its destination without a scratch.