Clifton Sculpture

15 July 2016

Crates for Africa was contracted to move a high valued and weighty sculpture into the back garden of a Clifton Home.

Pre-planning was an important part of this project, as the 500-600kg sculpture, standing at 2.1 meters tall and 1.3 meters wide, had to be taken through the client’s home and mounted in the back garden next to the swimming pool. We had to find a way to protect the irreplaceable MXM white marble tiles, and for this plywood was placed down along the route to be taken. Once the sculpture cleared the house, there was the matter of getting over the swimming pool. A special ramp was constructed over the pool to wheel the sculpture into the correct position, where it would be mounted. The success of this project was due to our many years of rigging, latching and moving experience. The result was that the surfaces we had to cross remained undamaged, and the item was placed into its final position without incident.