Industrial Press Move

09 November 2016

Crates for Africa moved this 15 Ton Industrial press for one of it's clients.

The massive machine was too big to fit through any existing doors in the building. The best method was to remove roof tiles and lift the massive machine through an opening with an industrial crane. This project is a prime example of our Turnkey solutions, which included the removal of the roof tiles, rigging and crane lift.

The industrial press was lowered outside the building, onto a custom built pallet that could withstand the crushing weight of the machine. Latching of the machine was followed with a complete plastic encapsulation to protect the multi million rand machine from moisture or water damage.

After the machine was encapsulated, the crane was used once more to lift the heavy load onto the back of a truck. Crates for Africa also took responsibility for the latching of the cargo onto the trailer body to prevent the load from shifting during transportation. The final result was a happy client with the cargo safely on it way to it's new home.