Vintage Bike Shipping

20 April 2017

At Crates for Africa, we have a passion for special and high value crating projects, especially when it includes vintage vehicles or bikes.

Machine Part Crating

04 April 2017

When moving machine parts, it is important to use a crating company with the knowledge and expertise to know when an item should be sealed with a moisture barrier.

Bike Crating & lashing

02 February 2017

Two high value motorbikes were crated, lashed and sealed in plastic, ready for shipping.

Factory Move

24 August 2016

A client contracted us to move their entire factory. The factory consisted of large machinery and sensitive equipment that required special moisture protection.

Clifton Sculpture

15 July 2016

Crates for Africa was contracted to move a high valued and weighty sculpture into the back garden of a Clifton Home.

Sculpture Moves

20 April 2016

A client contracted Crates for Africa to move sculptures into his garden.

Shipyard Encapsulation

24 March 2016

A special project at the Cape Town docks required some sort of protection against the elements while work was being done. 

Container Lashing

17 February 2016

When loading crates into containers, it is impossible to know whether the load could shift and cause damage to items housed in the crates.

Vintage Car Loading

17 June 2015

Two vintage cars were loaded on top of each other into a shipping container and made ready for shipping.

Large Scale Encapsulation

20 May 2015

A massive structure at the Cape Town Harbor was encapsulated to protect the workers and equipment while they worked inside the structure.

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