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Rigging usually includes the use of lifting machinery. Our experience will ensure that the right machine is used to complete your project quickly and without any damage to your products or items. 
From the art studio to the living room of your client, we can oversee the packing and moving of your sculptures. Without the right experience, your masterpiece could end up in pieces on the floor.
Why move your items to a packaging company when the packaging company can come to you. We'll crate your items right where they are without any need to move them beforehand. 
Sea Freight requires special packaging to ensure that no moisture gets into the crate and more importantly that your items doesn't get stuck in customs. All our crates are heat treated and rated for export purposes. Every crate caries our ISPM 15 certification stamp.
A factory relocation can be a complicated process where one mistake can cause thousands of rand damage, not to mention the possibility of down time in your business if machinery get damaged due to improper handling. 
You never know what conditions your items will face while in transit. Even when shipping containers over land, leaks can ruin your valuable items. Don't take the chance, let us seal your items in moisture barrier packaging.
 From the planning phase to the execution and everything in between, our experienced project managers will ensure that your project is completed within budget and the project timeline. 
Dangerous goods require a special touch and the right packaging to ensure the safety of our clients as well as the product. It is always advised to hire a professional company like Crates for Africa to help package and move your dangerous good. 
Planning to move? Why not make use of sturdy moving crates and skids. Our crates will ensure that your valuables are transported safely and securely. 
It's not enough just to load your items on the back of truck, proper bracing and lashing is required to prevent any surprises when your items arrive. 
No need to work in the rain and wind, get your temporary work area encapsulated and when you're done just pull down the plastic and you're ready to go. From scaffolding encapsulation to marine and temporary work areas, we have the right product.
Protect your items with plastic wrapping to prevent scuffing and scratching during transport or when being loaded or offloaded. A little expense that can save you a lot of money. 

Who are we!

Crates for Africa specialises in the custom crating and industrial packaging. Based in the Western Cape, we provide services to a wide range of industries. Our main focus is on the packaging of over sized items like industrial machinery, high weight components and vehicles. Apart from being able to assist companies with large moves, we also focus on moving high value and sensitive items like sculptures, fine art and vintage cars. 


 Why Crates for Africa?

Our various projects has prepared us well for any size move and custom packaging project. We are specialists in providing a turnkey solution to your custom packaging requirements. From factory moves to packaging items for sea and air freight. Our unique approach to sealing and moisture protection on our crates will ensure your items arrive undamaged and in the same condition as it left.

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Large Format Printing Machine

Large Format Printing Machine

13 Oct 2017

Crates for Africa prepared 7 massive printing machines for shipping to their new destination.